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April Schilpp, President / Certified Executive Coach

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Communications & Leadership Consultant

Communications Consulting

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Whether your entire organization is in need of engagement or you're facing a need for change or crisis management, or you just need some help writing an important speech or presentation, you can rest assured I can help. I have a wealth of experience and skill to call on to provide the perfect solution since I've been writing and editing and generally solving communications issues in  all sorts of business and industrial environments for...well, for a long time. No matter your needs, I'm confident we can work together to precisely address your audience and get your message heard, read, and absorbed through the right means, from traditional channels to social media to employee advocacy. 

Executive & Leadership Coaching

coaching, leadership, executive, writing, communication, development

You're a busy leader. Your calendar is maxed and so are the demands on your time and attention. With all that, you aren't sure your priorities are getting the effort and urgency they require. Worst of all, it's nearly impossible to get candid feedback and advice to manage it all. It's so important to have someone on your side, someone "safe" to listen to you and really understand where your gaps are and help you come up with a path to close them. I have the training and creative perspective to provide real solutions through coaching, strategic communications planning and a host of other executive development solutions to help you focus, rise above the noise, and be the very best leader you can be, with poise and confidence to stay at the top of your game. 

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April D. Schilpp

Certified Executive Coach

High-energy, experienced communications strategist and consultant

Writer, advisor, thought wrangler, and wordslinger

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